This week-long campaign is designed to help educate the LSE community about the challenges faced by modern women, as well as to celebrate the achievements of women on and off-campus. Our events include socials, a charity fair, workshops, and panels with flagship speakers. 

We want women to be able to take control of their own lives and to feel confident embarking on whichever career path they may choose regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic background or sexual orientation. Women are still highly under-represented in industries such as Entrepreneurship, Banking and Law and we want to ensure Women in Business members to leave LSE knowing that their gender shouldn’t be an obstacle in achieving their goals, both in the workplace and the wider world.

While society has made great progress in advancing gender equality, we believe there is still work to be done. We want Women Empowerment Week to provide our members with the opportunity to develop soft skills, build confidence in their abilities, learn top tips for success from inspirational women, and assist them in building a supportive network of like-minded individuals.  

We are grateful to the LSESU Fund for providing financial support for this event.